Lacey Lee Elliott: TV host cancelled after vid on NOT trusting the media

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This past Saturday, when covering the Worldwide Freedom Rally 3.0 in Vancouver, I came across a journalist named Lacey Lee Elliott, who told me she had been cancelled for raising concerns about ethical standards in media today.

With concerning censorship bills like Bill C-10, which is off the table for the summer, and dictatorship-worthy Bill C-36 still having the potential to become law in Canada, it can be hard to remember that in some situations, it’s not just the government to blame for the state of freedom of expression in Canada.

As you’ll see in this full report, our increasingly persistent cancel culture, where citizens and certain businesses work hard to censor thoughts, can be almost as effective as a radically authoritarian law.

Lacey was best known for being a co-host on Driving Television. But after issuing a warning to the public on her YouTube channel about trusting the media, as well as discussing why mask exemptions should be honoured, Lacey seemed to find door after door slamming in her face when it came to finding work after her show.

But that hasn’t stopped Lacey from continuing to publish content for the public, nor from speaking out on issues that she feels are important for the public to hear about.

Watch the full report to find out how, and why, Lacey was cancelled for speaking out.

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