WATCH: Hater FAILS to have Laurence Fox kicked out of London bar

Accuser heads for the door after trying to falsely label Fox as a 'racist' in an unexpected encounter caught on camera.

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In a tense exchange caught on camera, cancelled UK broadcaster Laurence Fox challenged a bar patron who attempted to have him removed from the venue over claims of racism.

The incident occurred in the midst of Laurence's ongoing defamation case, with the media personality highlighting a 'significant decline' in in the number and quality of roles he was offered as an actor after he was accused of being racist on social media.

My catch-up with Laurence took an interesting turn when the man approached bar staff, accusing Laurence of racism with the obvious aim of having him kicked out of the venue.

I took the opportunity to challenge the basis of his accusation and urged the accuser to provide evidence for such a serious claim, but to the surprise of no-one, he couldn't provide a single example.

The video, which captured the tension in the bar, showed Laurence calmly attempting to reason with the man while defending himself against the false allegations.

While I wasn't intending on doing any journalism that night, I quickly decided to pick up my microphone in an attempt to get to the bottom of his complaint.

I further pressed the man for clarity as he scampered from the venue after his attempt to have Laurence removed badly backfired. The incident highlights the challenges high-profile individuals face in the modern era of cancel culture.

After the incident, we discussed what motives might be at play to lead someone to try and have another person kicked out of a bar simply for having a difference of political opinion.

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