Lawyers for the Whistle Stop subpoena Alberta CMOH Deena Hinshaw

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The Whistle Stop Cafe owner Chris Scott was in court twice this week, the first time on Monday for a decision on his charge of contempt of a court order.

The second appearance was Wednesday in front of the Alberta Court of Appeals asking for leave to appeal a lower court decision to refuse to hear arguments about the unfair way the court came to be.

Scott re-opened his Mirror, Alberta restaurant in defiance of the lockdown back in January and he hadn’t closed to comply with the lockdown until the government seized his restaurant and convenience store.

When Scott organized a protest to express his outrage at what the government did to him, Alberta Health Services [AHS] got a secret court order to stop him.

The way AHS lawyers sought and won the order against Scott should worry us all. They went before a Calgary judge, and failed to tell the court that Scott had a lawyer.

AHS also failed to inform Scott’s lawyer, Chad Williamson, that they were bringing an action against his client. However, AHS was able to tell Williamson they got an order against his client mere moments after the judge issued it.

The whole affair was underhanded, sneaky and a violation of the principles of fairness and justice.

But Scott protested anyway, and he was arrested and held for three days.

Worse still, when Williamson and Scott tried to complain about the way the order was obtained, the judge that issued it, Justice Rooke, refused to hear their arguments.

Secret courts, secret court orders, and no recourse for the citizen from the legal system. It’s outrageous and that’s why we are helping Scott fight back. How could any citizen take on the government and the legal system alone?

Scott’s lawyer, Chad Williamson from Williamson Law in Calgary joins me today for an update in the trials of the Whistle Stop, including his plan to make Chief Medical Officer Deena Hinshaw explain her evidence to justify the arrest and incarceration of Scott.

Rebel News, in partnership with the registered Canadian charity the Democracy Fund, have been helping Chris Scott through our largest civil liberties project ever, putting citizens in touch with top criminal and civil lawyers to fight their lockdown tickets in court at no cost to them. To help, please donate at

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