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'Let's secure' our freedoms | London's Worldwide Freedom Rally

Despite restrictions largely ending in England, a big crowd turned out for the most recent Worldwide Freedom Rally on March 19.

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The most recent iteration of the Worldwide Freedom Rally was hosted on 19 March, where thousands of people flooded the streets of London after restrictions in the United Kingdom have eased to the point where England has virtually none at all.

My objective of the day was to ask protesters who attended the rally, since the restrictions are largely over, why are you protesting and what makes it significant?

The responses were a mixture of “justice needs to be served” to new arising threats, such as the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill which threatens freedom of expression to the point where police in the U.K. have the power to shut down “unlawful protests”. One act of unlawfulness stipulated by the bill is if the protest is “too loud” and crosses a certain decibel threshold — something we've seen implemented in Canada following the Freedom Convoy protests — it grants police the right to shut it down.

Another concern was the Online Safety Bill and how freedom of speech will be withered to a state of “right thought” as opposed to the sharing of information, no matter if it is correct or not, especially when it relates to the subject of vaccine efficacy.

It's safe to say that these events bring together a wide range of political engagers from both the left and the right — from David Kurten of the Heritage Party, a Christian Traditional conservative political party, to Gareth Icke of Ickonic, an alternative media platform — it shows that there are people from all over the political spectrum coming together to support a common cause: civil liberties.

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