Liberal fundraiser targets Andrew Lawton's chat with Erin O'Toole

In this clip from last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, True North's Andrew Lawton joined Ezra to talk about a Liberal Party fundraising email which featured... Andrew Lawton!

Here's a bit of what Andrew had to say:

“What the Liberals are saying here is that the audience that I have, the audience that you have, the audience that Post Millennial [has] — they don't deserve to hear what politicians are doing.

“They don't deserve to hear from political leaders. They're saying to Erin O'Toole — you should just ignore a portion of Canadians, and that's very telling because that's revealing that the Liberals have decided to ignore a portion of Canadians.”

This is just a clip from the full Ezra Levant Show.

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