Liberal MP backs off comments suggesting Trudeau face leadership review

Ken McDonald, a Liberal MP from Newfoundland and Labrador, backed away from his assertion earlier this week that the Liberals should review Justin Trudeau's position as party leader.

Liberal MP backs off comments suggesting Trudeau face leadership review
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After calling for a leadership review of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earlier this week, Liberal MP Ken McDonald is backing away from his statement.

The Newfoundland and Labrador MP told Radio-Canada the Liberals needed to reassess Trudeau's position given "there's almost a hatred out there right now" for the prime minister.

Now, McDonald says his "intent" was not to call for a leadership review.

"The intent of my recent public comments was not to personally call for a leadership review, and I am not calling for one now," McDonald told CBC. During his original interview with the state broadcaster, he was unequivocal in responding "Yes" when asked if there should be a review of Trudeau's leadership.

"Normally, in most circumstances in politics and especially in the federal government, if you go from a majority government to a minority government, there's supposed to be a leadership review. That hasn't happened. And we went to a minority in 2019 … and then we went to another minority in '21," he said.

"Yes," he responded. "Let's clear the air. Let's, you know, as a party let's clear the air and if people are still intent on having the leader we have now, fine, but at least give people the opportunity to have their say in what they think of the direction the party is going."

The state broadcaster reached out to 15 other Liberal MPs in Atlantic Canada for comment on McDonald's assertion that Trudeau should face a leadership review. The outlet says it was met with silence.

McDonald previously broke rank with the Trudeau Liberals over his opposition to the carbon tax, which he says is devastating rural areas.

"With the population of Newfoundland, I don't think we need to change behaviours," he said, noting the sparsely populated area does not impact climate change. "We're not the problem," he added.

"I told him [Trudeau] exactly as it is," McDonald said. "We're punishing the rural areas of our country and the most vulnerable people in our society."

An updated statement provided to CBC from McDonald said the Liberal MP still believes Trudeau is "a smart politician" and "a great campaigner" who has the "best interest of Canadians at heart."

McDonald vowed to continue supporting Trudeau, as he has done since 2015.

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