Liberal MP Randeep Sarai's last word on Trudeau's blackface: Justin has full support


We visited Liberal incumbent MP Randeep Sarai in Surrey, B.C., to get his take on the Justin Trudeau brownface/blackface scandal.

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After all, Mr. Sarai is a turban-wearing Sikh (and of course, he wears his turban as an expression of his faith as opposed to using it as part of a ludicrous costume, like the Prime Minister did.)

But like most Liberals, Sarai won’t comment on camera about Justin Trudeau’s racist escapades from yesteryear. Instead, his office issued a press release that praises Trudeau for apologizing, while imploring the rest of us to forgive and forget. Talk about taking one for the team!

If you agree with us that this incident has proved that Justin is not fit to be the Prime Minister, please sign our petition at!

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