Liberal-NDP coalition passes pro-Hamas motion in Parliament

The controversial motion passed after Liberal amendments calls to work towards recognizing the 'State of Palestine' as part of a two-state solution.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed a recent motion passed in Parliament by the Liberal-NDP coalition that appears to reward the terrorist group Hamas.

The motion included a number of anti-Israel proposals like halting the sale of weapons to Israel and demanding an immediate ceasefire in the current conflict with Hamas.

Hamas launched a brutal terrorist attack against Israel on October 7 that left approximately 1200 people — mostly civilians — dead and over 250 taken hostage in Gaza.

The call for a ceasefire comes right as the Israel Defense Forces are preparing to launch operations in the city of Rafah, one of the last strongholds of Hamas. The terrorist group reportedly still has four battalions and thousands of fighters remaining in the city.

Speaking about the motion, Ezra said, "It really did two things politically. It didn't do anything to change the war on the ground in Gaza, but it rewarded Hamas diplomatically and politically for their attacks on Israel on October 7."

"And it rewarded local hate marchers for their attacks on our community," he added.

Liberal MP Anthony Housefather, who is also Jewish, spoke out against the motion, saying "it felt like a line had been crossed." He added that it also made him start "reflecting on whether or not I belong."

NDP MP Matthew Green, a proponent of the motion, stated in Parliament that "Hamas doesn't own F-16 fighter jets, Hamas doesn't own 2000lb bombs that have been dropped on civilian populations, Hamas didn't force people from the North to the South and then threaten to invade Rafah."

Speaking about Green's comments, Ezra said, "He basically says, 'Hamas isn't that bad, the Jews are worse.'"

The non-binding motion — which included working towards "the recognition of the State of Palestine" — passed a vote in the House of Commons Monday evening, earning the support of Liberal Jewish MP Ya’ara Saks.

It passed in the eleventh hour of debate after the New Democrats passed 14 last-minute amendments proposed by the Liberal Party.

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