Linda Blade continues the fight to save women's sports!

Last night on The Gunn Show, Linda Blade, a renowned coach, Canadian track star, former head of Athletics Alberta, and author, spoke from a place of authority as she highlighted the competitive advantage that biological men have over women.

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As a kinesiologist, Linda Blade possesses expert knowledge in the mechanics of the human body, making her insights invaluable. Despite her expertise, Coach Linda, as she was affectionately known, faced dismissal as a science-denying transphobe by activists seeking to undermine the integrity of women's sports.

As the author of "Unsporting: How Trans Activism and Science Denial are Destroying Sport," Blade discussed how women's sports became seized with trans madness, and what we can do to take it back.

Sheila Gunn Reid also spoke to Blade about Premier Danielle Smith of Alberta and her approach to fostering inclusion while protecting the rights of both women and girls, as well as boys and men.

"With respect to Premier Danielle Smith, I think she has woken up earlier than other premiers," stated Blade. "As far as women's sports, Premier Danielle Smith should be congratulated for being the first premier to literally come out and say, ‘we understand there's a competitive advantage that men have in women's sports, that male bodies have in women's sports.’"

Blade continued:

And so we need to start working on guidelines in Alberta that draw sex-based boundaries around sports, so that every sport has at least one category that's female only.

Now, she's indicating there can be other categories like mixed sex categories and co ed and, and male.

The way it helps men and boys is that neither women nor men want to have the opposite sex person in their spaces if they can help it, especially the private spaces.

I think they are still beta testing all these ideas and I just think that the conclusion is going to be reached that at some point, you need strict sex-based boundaries in certain contexts.

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