Linda Blade is fighting to save women's sports

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Linda Blade, a world-renowned coach, Canadian track star, former head of Athletics Alberta, and author knows what she's talking about when she says men have a biological advantage over women.

She's also a kinesiologist; an expert in the mechanics of the human body. A literal expert.

And yet Coach Linda, as she's known, is often written off as a science denying transphobe by sex activists and gender cheats looking for easy ways to steal opportunities from female athletes.

Linda refuses to deny the truth: that body's play sports, not ideologies.

She says the tide is turning. The radical transactivists have overplayed their hand.

Normal people, who normally don't care how others live their lives, have mobilized to protect women's sports.

GUEST: Linda Blade, author of Unsporting: How Trans Activism and Science Denial are Destroying Sport, discusses how women's sports became seized with trans madness, and what we can do to take it back.

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