Male rugby players unfazed by men's 'hardest hitter' playing against women

Last Saturday, an old-timers rugby match took place in Fergus, Ontario between the Fergus Highlanders and the Toronto Gits. Rebel News received a tip that Ash Davis might suit up with the men, despite having played for the women's team this year.

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There was a rugby old-timers game in Fergus featuring the Fergus Highlanders and the Toronto Gits last Saturday. We were tipped off that the gender-bending grifter known as Ash Davis might suit up with the men (he’s been playing for the female team this year).

So how can Ash Davis “change on the fly”, so to speak, being a female player one day and a male old-timer the next? Weird…

Previous assignments have indicated that Ash’s female teammates are all-in when it comes to embracing radical transgenderism. Ditto the opposing players (in other words, the potential victim group) although in fairness we have evidence indicating those women were coerced into showing their support for Mr. Davis.

In any event, Ash Davis did show up on Saturday but he decided not to suit up for the Highlanders old-timers team. Looking resplendent in a bright orange ensemble, we once again tried to scrum Ash, asking him why he is doing this? Why is he making Fergus the laughingstock of the rugby world?

But, par for the course, he ran away, and then called the police!

THREE OPP SUVs responded, making us ponder if Fergus is the most crime-free jurisdiction in North America.

Once the cops arrived, Ash’s wife (or is it husband?) demanded that we be charged with everything from criminal harassment to trespassing to “misgendering.” No, seriously…

The police educated the whiners on the law but hung around anyway so that Ash would have some law enforcement protection from insensitive questions.

As for the Fergus and Toronto male old-timer teams, the vast majority of players declined to comment. Are they woke or are they being coerced to say the “right” things as well? We’ll never know, but it’s pathetic no matter how you slice it….


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