Mask exempt rural Alberta liquor store owner & staffer hit with $2,400 in fines

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Nestled just inside the Rocky Mountains, a liquor store owned by an immigrant man who worked in coal mines his whole life has recently had some trouble with the police.

Several officers from different departments have come to Matt Tartal’s establishment to scold him for not wearing masks in the store, despite him having a doctor's note giving him an exemption. Tartal and his staff members were given COVID violation tickets totalling $2,400.

Speaking with Rebel News, Tartal said, “I'm not an anti-masker,” insisting that anyone who wants to wear a mask in his store can — he just couldn’t. Tartal worked in local coal mines for decades, after fleeing communist rule in eastern Europe.

Rebel News has offered to pay for lawyers to assist Tartal in his defence, and they are currently in the process of pleading “not guilty.”

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  • By Ezra Levant

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