Mask-shaming man upset because woman has more courage than him

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A clip of a man shaming a woman for not wearing a mask inside a mall has gone viral. The man, who claims to be concerned about his safety, approaches the woman with his camera in an attempt to shame her. The woman claims to be exempt, the security guards, to their credit, seem not to mind and accept her claims of exemption — after all, that is how the bylaw is supposed to work.

On yesterday's Rebel News DAILY Livestream, Ezra Levant shared his opinion on this particular mask shaming incident.

Ezra speculated that this man was upset with this lady because:

She has more courage and self respect and independence and freedom of spirit and freedom of conscience and freedom of action than he does. And she's a woman and he's a man, and that's emasculating. It's emasculating for a man to be so submissive and to be confronted with the visual evidence.

Look, not only is someone more courageous than you, but it's a woman.

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