Mask wearing and travel restrictions should continue until "all of us" get the vaccine, says medical analyst for MSNBC

Mask wearing and travel restrictions should continue until
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People should continue to wear masks and restrict travel even after receiving the second dose of a coronavirus vaccine, stated Dr. Vin Gupta, a medical analyst for MSNBC, on Tuesday.

In an interview with host Chuck Todd, Gupta stated that masking and travel restrictions should continue until “all of us get the two-dose regimen,” stating this may not happen until June or July.

“I know one of the individuals we just saw getting vaccinated is planning on traveling after this second dose. This is a source of confusion, this is one of the misperceptions here: just ’cause you get vaccinated with that second dose does not mean you should be participating in things like traveling in the middle of an out-of-control pandemic or that you’re liberated from masks,” Gupta said.

“Everything still applies until all of us get the two-dose regimen,” Gupta added. “We don’t think that’s going to happen until June, July. And again, this goes back to what we just talked about, Chuck. We don’t know if just getting the vaccination prevents serious illness or does it also prevent you from getting infection entirely. Meaning you can still get infected with the virus potentially and pass it on to others. So really, really, critical: don’t let your guard down just ’cause you got vaccinated. You still might be able to get infected with the virus and pass it on to others, so please keep that in mind.”

Dr. Gupta received his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine this morning on live television. On Twitter, he wrote that he will “continue masking, distancing and avoiding travel, until Dr Fauci says otherwise.”

His remarks were seized upon by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who lambasted Gupta as being part of a “bizarre, lunatic, totalitarian cult” that continues to push lockdowns and dismantle small businesses.

“It’s not about vaccines or protecting people’s lives—it is instead profoundly anti-science, and is only focused on absolute govt control of every aspect of our lives,” said Cruz.

Cruz’s remarks were echoed by House Rep. Jim Jordan, who stated, “First, it was don’t wear a mask. Then, it was slow the spread. Then, it was lock everything down. Then, it was wear a mask. Then, it was wait for the vaccine. Now that we have the vaccine, they tell us it’s not going to stop. Freedom!”

Former New York Congresswoman Dr. Nan Hayworth blasted Gupta’s remarks, stating, “This doesn’t make sense. If an individual can’t *reasonably safely* be assumed to have acquired immunity from completed COVID vaccination, then herd immunity ALSO can’t be assumed. The herd consists of individuals with immunity. If the vaccine works, you should be clear.”

Gupta’s remarks follow billionaire Bill Gates’ comments over the weekend that it was “appropriate” for bars and restaurants to remain closed for months, even as the vaccine begins to be distributed, as reported by Rebel News.

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