Mass Mail-in Ballots: a disaster waiting to happen | Lisa Song Sutton explains

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Mail-in ballots are a hot topic issue right now.

But it's very important to note the distinction between absentee ballots and all mail-in ballots.

Absentee ballots are when a registered voter actively requests a ballot to be sent to them. For example, our men and women serving overseas utilize the absentee ballot system.

However, all mail-in or mass mail-in is when every single registered voter gets sent out a ballot, without them requesting one.

Here in Nevada, the state implemented it's first ever mass mail-in ballots for the primary election in June.

It was a disaster. Hundreds of thousands of ballots were never delivered; and the ballots that were sent out, many people posted photos and videos to social media and news outlets about the numerous ballots sent to incorrect addresses and deceased people. 

Many ballots were found piled up in trash cans and apartment complex mailrooms

I personally received a ballot at my home addressed to the previous owner, who has not lived there for nearly two years. The Trump campaign has sued the state of Nevada over this exact issue.

Clean and accurate voter rolls is a large part of the issue, and unfortunately many states like Nevada simply aren't equipped and don't have a solid plan in place to maintain accurate voter rolls.

Their plan is just to, "send everyone a ballot."

Let me know your thoughts about mass mail-in voting in the comments below. 

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