Maui catastrophe: Rebel News is heading to Lahaina to find the truth

Rebel News is travelling to Maui to speak with local residents about what's really going on surrounding the devastating wildfire and the government's response.

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We're going to Maui. Normally, that's a celebratory thing to say. But it's not a vacation. Maui is the site of a terrible wildfire that has killed scores of people. It really looks like a war zone. It's shocking.

And normally, Rebel News doesn't cover tragedies like that. It's a tragedy, but it feels like it's more than that. It feels like we're not getting the full story. It feels like the political class is not as interested as I think they should be.

There was this crazy moment when President Biden was asked about the wildfire and he said, “no comment.” He didn't even say, "My heart goes out to the people of Maui. We’re going to help them in every way we can." You would think this would be the number one story in America right now, and in Canada, too. 

I just feel like I felt when there was that train derailment and explosion in East Palestine, Ohio, the one that looked like a big mushroom cloud. And no one was reporting — we sent Lincoln and Efron down there just to follow the facts.

But this is a story that I think the whole world is interested in. And I don't think we've got the facts. That's why Rebel News is sending Lincoln Jay and Alexa Lavoie to Maui. This isn't a vacation — just the opposite.

We'll be there to work and to find out what the facts are, all while being very respectful of the local community because they've had a horrific tragedy and they're probably extremely sensitive right now.

They probably look at the corporate media as vultures, and it's important for them to know that we are the opposite of the corporate media. We want to be the voice for ordinary people in Lahaina, in that part of Maui and other parts, because the wildfires were all over the island.

I think our purpose is to find out the facts that the regime media and corporate media don't seem interested in. We also want to be very gentle and careful with the people to respect them and to be their voice.

Both Alexa and Lincoln have made donations to the Red Cross wildfire relief effort. And in every video we do, we will tell our viewers to chip in to the Red Cross as well. We have to crowdfund our trip ourselves, but I want every video we do to let our viewers know how to actually help.

I want us to be able to say that not only did we do good journalism here, but we actually helped people.

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