Media ignores 24-hour protest camp opposing gender ideology in schools

After 100 days of protesting in Abbotsford against radical gender ideology taught in schools, some demonstrators have upped their protest game by rallying 24/7.

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One hundred days. That’s how long state-choice media has been ignoring a group of parental rights protesters who are committed to raising awareness about the sexualization of school kids in Abbotsford, British Columbia's schools.

But the grassroots group of concerned parents who’ve been gathering on the corner of South Fraser Way and Clearbrook Road have not been deterred. They are continuing to raise awareness about their demands and efforts to stop the province's controversial sexual orientation identity program taught in schools, known as SOGI 123.

Since Christmas Eve, activist Kanwaljit Singh and a handful of others began protesting overnight on the corner, while the community has come together with food, heaters, a generator and even a portable bathroom to make sure the group is able to maintain their protest during the unfavourable winter weather.

Of primary concern to the protesters, many of whom are from the Sikh community, is the sexually explicit books made available to kids through school libraries, thanks to SOGI 123 designating them as inclusive 'learning resources.'

“A lot of people here have seen the books,” Singh told Rebel News on-site at the camp. “That’s something you can’t unsee. Once you see the books that are in elementary schools, the sexual content and the stories, everyone gets pretty angry as soon as they see that.”

Singh says aside from the Conservative Party of BC, whose leader John Rustad and Abbotsford South MLA Bruce Banmann did come to hear what the protesters had to say about SOGI 123 at the camp, the vast majority of political leaders have dismissed their concerns.

This past Tuesday, British Columbia’s Minister of Education Rachna Singh made an appearance on Connect 91.5FMa radio station popular with the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley’s South Asian community.

During that appearance, the minister implied parents opposed to SOG 123 have simply been misinformed, much like when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dismissed the concerns of Muslim parents who oppose radical gender ideology in schools as being fed misinformation by the “far-right.”

While the overnight protest at Abbotsford’s Stop SOGI 123 camp are scheduled to end this Saturday, the grassroots group is committed to continuing to spread awareness about the issue until there is change. Similar to a large march the group led last October, the group has planned another rally, which will be held at Jubilee Park on Saturday, January 20, at 10 a.m.

Did you know, unlike state-choice that keeps these types of important stories in the dark, Rebel News has a special website dedicated to making sure the public has access to them? For more info on the sexual indoctrination of kids in schools and to sign our petition demanding it be stopped, go to

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