School board trustee Linda Qin has taken a stance against her woke school board’s policies – and as a result, she has been demonized by her colleagues

‘I get a lot of concern from parents, and I would like to listen to them and have their opinions reflected in the board meeting,’ said Qin. ‘But other than me, I think others may not like it. So when I say something different, I feel I'm always silenced.’

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Maybe there’s a reason why so many school board trustees held their noses and remained silent as Gregorian Monks when it comes to their boards ramming through everything from the radical trans agenda to stocking pornography at the school libraries.

And the reason is this: the radicalized leftist Marxists who overwhelmingly comprise the rank and file of these school boards have absolutely zero tolerance when it comes to embracing a diversity of opinions.

Case in point: Linda Qin is a trustee with the Windsor, Ont.-based Greater Essex County District School Board. Earlier this year, Qin started to ask “impolite” questions about the age-inappropriate sexual and racist content found in certain books at GECDSB. Alas, that did not go over well with her uber-woke colleagues.

Indeed, in April, Qin was ruled out of order three times by three separate meeting chairmen when she inquired about the content of a specific book. She also tried to make a notice of motion regarding the flying of religious flags.

A report in The Windsor Star from April notes the following: “The most heated exchange arose between Qin and trustee Ron LeClair, who was chairing the finance committee meeting… Qin started to ask about the book Push, which she said includes the ‘n’ word, being available in schools. LeClair told her she was out of order, adding, ‘we’re done with books.’ Qin had brought a motion forward at a previous board meeting that would have tasked staff with creating and maintaining a list of new titles added to school libraries, retroactive to September, and making the list accessible to parents... Qin’s motion was defeated.”

The story goes on to note that Qin persisted in her attempt to speak; LeClair told her to shut her microphone off or leave the meeting.

When Qin began speaking about a ruling against a motion to fly a Christian flag at schools, LeClair quickly cut her off again, noting her motion was out of order and against school board bylaws.

Bottom line: how perverse! A trustee going to bat for the wellbeing of students and standing up for parental rights is deemed to be “out of order” by the edcurats who comprise the Greater Essex County District School Board.

As well, Qin told us that she has been the recipient of vile hate mail from the hardcore leftists in the community. Qin showed us emails she has received from the “love trumps hate” folk, which are rife with misogynistic and racist epithets (Qin is Asian.) One individual professes hope that Qin will “die of breast cancer.” Despicable.

Check out our far-ranging interview with Linda Qin, a lioness who refuses to bend the knee to the woke hyenas who populate the GECDSB.

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  • By Tamara Ugolini


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