Meghan Murphy is a feminist the far let wants to cancel! News alert for the transgenders and Antifa members: Meghan Murphy will never bend the knee to you

Meghan Murphy has toured the world, warning about the harms of gender identity indoctrination. In doing so, she has incurred the wrath of the radicals within the transgender movement and Antifa.

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The International Women’s Day Celebration, “Join us for real talk from today’s leading activists and commentators on women’s rights and protections” took place last Friday in Toronto. One of the featured speakers was fearless feminist Meghan Murphy.

Murphy is also a journalist, writer, podcaster, and longtime women’s rights advocate. She founded Feminist Current in 2012, which became the first Canadian feminist website and podcast to mount a challenge against gender identity ideology.

As well, she testified at the Canadian Senate against bill C-16, Canada’s gender identity legislation in 2017.

Murphy has since toured the world, warning about the harms of gender identity indoctrination. And by doing so, she has incurred the wrath of the cranks who make up the ranks of the radical transgender movement and Antifa. They call her a “TERF” – a derogatory term (they think) that means “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist.”

They also often threaten and harass Murphy. They try to shut down her events. So-called “transphobia” is sinful whereas misogyny, for whatever perverse reason, appears to be in vogue when it comes to the usual loony-left suspects.

Indeed, Rebel News was on-hand to report the sissy-fit that occurred outside a downtown Toronto library back in October 2019. Murphy was a scheduled speaker, but outside the library, unhinged transgenders and Antifa members wearing trouble on their shirts tried to shut down her presentation as they chanted nonsensical statements such as “transwomen are real women.”

And these nasty cranks would have succeeded in shutting down Murphy’s event were it not for the considerable presence of law enforcement personnel. Indeed, much to the disdain of the assorted nutbars and fruitcakes occupying the street where the library is located, the show went on.

And the show went ahead last Friday, too, even though everyone was on high alert that the usual suspects would turn up to cause trouble. (Thankfully, they were AWOL; we suspect the venue was too far away from a subway station…).

If anything, despite the constant fear and intimidation tactics by these loons, Murphy remains a lioness who does not bend the knee when confronted by the unhinged woke mob.

Check out our interview with Murphy regarding the state of feminism today – and what it’s like to be deemed a so-called “TERF.”

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  • By David Menzies


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