They are REAL women, hear them roar! Several speakers at a Toronto conference stand up for women’s rights that are now under attack by the radical transgender agenda

Rebel News avoided the uber-woke International Women’s Day march in Toronto last Friday. Instead, we covered an event called 'An International Women’s Day Celebration.'

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Full disclosure: we’re really not big fans of International Women’s Day. Oh, don’t take that the wrong way. We adore women, both domestically and those abroad (no pun intended).

But you know who doesn’t adore women today? That would be modern-day feminists. That would be those radicals who subscribe to the rubbish that “trans women are real women.” That’s not a pledge of diversity, equity, and inclusion, by the way. Rather, inexplicably, it is a mission statement in support of misogyny. If you are a real woman who supports fake, pretend women invading female sports and female shelters and female prisons, then you are either consumed with self-hatred… or you’ve been hopelessly indoctrinated.

And it is leftist, progressive, woke women and their idiotic indoctrinated allies who have co-opted International Women’s Day. They don’t represent the vast majority of women; but rather, a sliver of the female lunatic fringe.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, we live in a day an age in which a FEMALE U.S. supreme court judge was unable to define the word, “woman.”

The other day, a Canadian FEMALE supreme court justice said the term “woman” is confusing. Rather, Sheila Martin stated that “person with a vagina” is the proper term.


In any event, Rebel News avoided the uber-woke International Women’s Day march in Toronto last Friday. Instead, we covered an event called “An International Women’s Day Celebration”, subtitled: “Join us for real talk from today’s leading activists and commentators on women’s rights and protections.”

It was straight talk from real women. And this expression of sanity and common sense was equal parts refreshing , entertaining, and educational.

Prior to the formal speeches, Rebel News was able to secure exclusive interviews with most of the presenters. You can watch the full interviews in their entirety on the Ezra Levant Show, when I guest hosted on March 13th. Sign up today for Rebel News+. 

This included: Amy Hamm, who is a writer, healthcare professional, mother, and advocate for free speech and women’s rights. Hamm, by the way, is under attack by the British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives for wrong-thought. Namely, Hamm calls gender identity “metaphysical nonsense” – which it is – but for speaking the truth, Hamm is apparently a transphobe who must be cancelled and economically penalized. Brutal.

Activist Heather Mason played a key role in organizing the event. Mason is a former federal prisoner and for the past five years, she has been advocating for criminalized women on a variety of prison issues, including segregation, strip-searching, and the issue of prisoners transferring from male prisons to women’s prisons. Her advocacy on this latter issue connected her to a group of women who formed a grassroots organization focused on maintaining women’s rights to single-sex spaces called Canadian Women’s Sex-based Rights, a.k.a., CaWsbar.

Then there was Eva Kurilova. She’s a Calgary-based writer and is openly lesbian. She explores the impacts of gender ideology on women, children, and society as a whole for publications such as Gender Dissent, The Distance, and Reduxx.

Also in attendance was Meghan Murphy. Murphy is a journalist, writer, podcaster, and long-time women’s rights advocate. She founded Feminist Current in 2012, which became the first Canadian feminist website and podcast to mount a challenge against gender identity ideology. She testified at the Canadian Senate against bill C-16, Canada‘s gender identity legislation, in 2017. Murphy has since toured the world, warning about the harms of gender identity indoctrination. And by doing so, she has been targeted by cranks ranging from those in the radical transgender movement to Antifa. They call her a “TERF” – a derogatory term that means Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist. They harass Murphy, they try to shutdown her events. But Murphy is a lioness who does not bend the knee when confronted by the unhinged woke mob.

And speaking of lionesses, last but not least, we interviewed April Hutchinson, another real woman facing the cancel culture mob for wrong thought vis-à-vis the radical transgender movement. This ranges from her own sporting regulator, the Canadian Powerlifting Union that has suspended her for one year to Museum London cancelling her exhibit.

Hutchinson is one of the few outspoken Canadian athletes advocating for women’s safety and fair competition and she has received media attention the world over. She is so brave.

Please check out our exclusive interviews with these courageous women fighting back against the cult of wokeness.

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  • By David Menzies


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