Melbourne council pitches all-gender changerooms for sporting facilities

Melbourne's sports facilities undergo review to 'enhance inclusivity' for women and girls.

Melbourne council pitches all-gender changerooms for sporting facilities
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In a controversial move claimed to foster 'greater inclusivity' and encourage the participation of women and girls in community sports and recreation, the City of Melbourne is contemplating the installation of all-gender changerooms at various sports facilities.

The contentious move comes as part of the council's assessment of the Fair Access – Sport and Recreation Action Plan.

Under this plan, which is set to kick off in July, a comprehensive audit of all sports and recreation facilities will be conducted to pinpoint areas for 'improvement' aimed at ensuring 'equitable' access.

According to the council report, potential changes may encompass the provision of accessible and all-gender change facilities, as well as other amenities like quiet spaces, family rooms, and multi-use areas.

The overarching goal is targeted towards women and girls with sports and recreation facilities that claim to cater to their specific requirements, to 'foster a more inclusive environment' within Melbourne's sporting community.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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