MMA fighter denied COVID hotel exemption granted to other athletes, fined $3,750

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Corinne LaFramboise is a female mixed martial arts fighter and our latest client. She was ticketed for refusing to jeopardize her own safety when the government tried to take her to a COVID jail to quarantine.

The ongoing COVID lockdown in Canada has made it nearly impossible for Corinne to make a living competing in her sport, so she and her trainer left the country to compete overseas in Dubai.

While the two were outside of the country, they were tested more than half a dozen times for COVID-19, and followed strict isolation protocols so that Corinne could fight and return to Canada without any trouble. Yet, when the two returned to Canada and landed at Toronto's Pearson airport, they were nearly snatched up to one of Justin Trudeau's dangerous COVID jails, before being issued almost $8,000 in lockdown fines for refusing to quarantine in a hotel.

Corinne is one of the fittest women in the country. Her job relies on having a healthy body and not getting sick. Naturally, Corinne came home healthy and disease-free. Why should she have to pay to stay in one of Trudeau's fleabag COVID facilities, when she could easily quarantine at home — where she has access to proper food, the ability to train and where the doors have locks? Sometimes the COVID jails don't.

We're helping Corinne and her trainer fight those COVID jail tickets in court. If you'd like to help us help Corinne, her trainer and hundreds of other people fight their lockdown fines, please donate today at

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  • By Ezra Levant

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