More coronavirus screening in PAKISTAN than in Toronto's Pearson International Airport: Arrivals are surprised no one in Canada took their temperature

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Today was supposed to be Day One of new screening measures for those flying into Canada. That’s what Prime Minister Justin (#WelcomeToCanada) Trudeau told us on Monday, right? And he wouldn’t be reckless with the truth, would he?

Well, I ventured out to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport to see if anything had truly changed in terms of public safety regarding international arrivals. My first endeavour was to interview Pakistani-Canadians getting off a Pakistan International Airlines flight from Karachi. I was astonished to discover that the federal government’s definition of “enhanced screening” was to basically give arriving travellers a pamphlet about COVID-19!

(Good thing Canada is a country that has an abundance of trees so that we’ll never run out of resources for printing pamphlets!)

And get this: the arriving passengers from Pakistan said they, too, were shocked by the laissez-faire attitude by Canadian border guards, many of whom weren’t wearing masks!

They were unanimous in telling me that the screening measures implemented in Karachi for the Coronovirus are far more stringent than what they saw in Toronto — and keep in mind that Pakistan is a Third World nation.

Indeed, according to the World Health Organization (noting statistics from a Lancet study), Pakistan is ranked 154th out of 195 countries when it comes to quality and accessibility of healthcare... yet, Pakistan apparently outperforms Canada when screening airline passengers for the COVID-19 virus! How shameful is that?

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  • By Ezra Levant

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