Muslim mom told to 'go back to her country' for opposing 'gender ideology'

Supporters of 'LGBTQ ideology' have barraged a prominent Muslim educator, Bahira Abdulsalam, with explicit comments online over her opposition to 'gender ideology.'

Muslim mom told to 'go back to her country' for opposing 'gender ideology'
Facebook/ Bahira Abdulsalam
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In an exclusive interview with True North, she said the abuse she has endured from progressives would not compel her into silence.

"You cannot imagine the amount of threats, insults I am getting just because I am saying I want my children to be educated without gender ideology," said Bahira Abdulsalam, a Toronto educator and mother.

"They are trying to silence me, and they are trying to scare me."

As an active member of the Toronto District School Board's Parent Involvement Advisory Committee, Abdulsalam told True North her opposition hit below the belt with some of their remarks. 

"Go back to your own country, you hateful bigot. You are not wanted in Canada. Leave now," said one person.

"Take your fundamentalist religious extremism and move back to the theocracy you came back from," said another.

One user went so far as to involve her kids, stating: "Move you, bigot, to some authoritarian backwater, let you raise your kids to be bigots like you want to. What are house prices in Tehran these days? Gladly swap you for someone who wants freedom."

As an engineer by trade, Abdulsalam said her opponents have threatened to revoke her license from the Professional Engineers Ontario licensing body.

"Let's say that Professional Engineers Ontario decided to take away my license," she said, "is this going to make me stop defending my child or other people's children? No."

"I am not worried about them cancelling me."

"I am a single mother. I have lots of things to care about. All [I am doing] is I'm speaking the truth," continued Abdulsalam. 

"When people [tell the truth], it becomes so powerful. This is my weapon that is threatening them."

Among the comments received by the Toronto mom, Abdulsalam also received derogatory messages targeting her religion and Hijab.

"How about keeping your medieval religious wear from our schools," they said. "It must scare modern kids to see this & learn that in some religions, men require the women to dress this way because they cannot be trusted not to rape them."

"Keep the hijab out of schools," said another.

“F*** you Bahira and F*** your Allah.”

Abdulsalam said the hate towards her "makes me more determined to continue" advocating against "a very fringe minority" supporting gender ideology.

She clarified that Muslims are not necessarily against sexual minorities — they oppose teaching gender ideology in schools.

"We don't have any problem with them," she said. "We care about our children and don't want them to get the LGBT ideology."

Other notable examples of progressives targeting Muslims for opposing gender ideology include two Canadian educators — one from Edmonton, the other from Windsor — who berated Muslim students for not participating in Pride celebrations.

As first reported by The National Post, a two-minute recording disclosed a Londonderry school teacher shaming a Muslim student in June.

"You are out to lunch if you think it's acceptable not to show up because […] Pride activities are going on at school," said the unnamed teacher.

"We believe in freedom, we believe that people can marry whomever they want […] and if you don't think that should be the law, you can't be Canadian," she told the individual student. 

"You don't belong here, and I mean it."

In a recording exclusively obtained by True North, a Northwood public school teacher recently condemned Muslims for not supporting LGBTQ lifestyles under their religion.

The unnamed teacher became frustrated when she could not convince her Muslim students to challenge their parents' beliefs and wished not to teach them. 

The teacher ultimately accused them of displaying "an incredible show of hatred" for not participating in Pride. 

Abdulsalam told True North the incident was "so hurtful" and should warrant changes to how Canadians select their educators. She also condemned their attempts to sow disconnect between parents and their children.

"Those kids, they will get confused. They have a certain identity at home, and they are asked to change their identity at school," she said.

An Ottawa businessman and parental rights activist is also fed up with Canada's push to indoctrinate students without parents knowing.

Kamel El-Cheikh has been on the front lines organizing protests with hundreds of Muslims and Christians to condemn changing gender pronouns and viewing pornographic literature in schools.

He intends to organize a 'Million Person March' in response to 'radical gender ideology' and school Pride celebrations.

In an interview with The Post Millennial, El-Cheikh said he intends to bring together a million Canadians of all faiths from coast to coast on September 20.

"I am optimistic — absolutely. If [there's] one thing that [will] inspire Canadians from coast to coast to go down and protest, it's the kids and their innocence and their families," he said.

Abdulsalam said she looks forward to seeing Canadians come together to protest gender ideology at the 'Million Person March' next month.

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