Muslims should target angst towards Communist China, not Israel

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A lot of criticism has been levelled against Israel since its latest battle with Hamas, both in the mainstream media and social media.

Does the world really want to know what is happening in the Middle East, or is this just an orchestrated agenda being worked out against Israel and the Jewish people?

Do the Palestinians really want peace? If so, historically we’ve seen that they’ve walked out of at least five peace accords when they were offered almost all of what they wanted.

What Hamas REALLY wants is to push Israel and the Jews away from the land of Israel and into the sea. And it’s not just me saying this — this is their manifesto.

Now would somebody please tell me how Israel is supposed to defend itself while Hamas militants hide in nursery schools, offices of international media and hospitals, while shooting almost 200 rockets a day at the Israeli civilian population?

There may be a ceasefire now, but hostilities, especially from pro-Hamas groups, have spilled over into major international cities in recent weeks. The Anti-Defamation League, which tracks incidents of anti-Jewish violence and bias, says they saw a 75 per cent increase in antisemitism reports to the agency's 25 regional offices, after the Israeli-Palestinian fighting began.

In the U.S. certain sections of the Democratic Party are also aiding and abetting Jew hatred.

In a statement released on May 16, B’nai Brith Canada said the number of antisemitic assaults recorded so far in May of 2021 “easily surpasses” the total for all of 2020.

This hostility constitutes pro-Hamas thugs harassing, intimidating and beating up Jews.

Where is this coming from?

There are two answers:

One, it’s due to antisemitism — the age-old form of Jew hatred that has accelerated now with the unholy alliance of the extreme left and the Islamists.

Secondly, the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran is keeping Jew hatred alive.

Khaled Abu Toameh, an Israeli Arab journalist, wrote an article for Gatestone Institute titled “Hamas and Iran Turned Gaza into Cemetery for Children.” He cites “Muhammad Mujahid Al-Zayyat, a consultant at the Egyptian Center for Thought and Strategic Studies, who said that Iran's support for Hamas during the war with Israel was aimed at sending a message to the West that the Palestinian terrorist groups have become a bargaining chip for Iran in its dealings with the West.

What else has Iran done to promote hatred against Israel?

Iran supports and finances the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which was started by a Palestinian activist named Omar Barghouti who doesn’t deny that he supports the destruction of Israel. He acknowledges it.

Quds Day, which was initiated by the Ayatollah Khomeni, is a hate fest. While diplomatic relations between Iran and Canada have been severed, with the blessings of the federal and local government, some politicians still carry out Iran’s insidious agenda in our cities.

Iran does not hide the fact that they support evil. And Hezbollah and Hamas are proxies of Iran as proudly acclaimed by them.

Israel has been constantly accused of being an apartheid state. There have been 89 past and present Arabs in the Israeli parliament, currently 14. What apartheid?

The countries shouting the loudest about apartheid are:

  • Pakistan — with a genocidal attitude towards their own minorities

  • Iran — which hangs gay people from cranes and where rape and murder are a form of punishment for opponents of the regime

  • Turkey — where wannabe-Caliph Erdogan punishes people with lengthy jail sentences if they so much as make a cartoon of him

Instead of mobilizing their angst against a tiny country, Muslims should instead spend their energies to identify and speak out against the Communist regime of China for killing, systematically maiming, brainwashing and raping the Uyghurs and East Turkestan communities.

Not a peep out of them on these atrocities!

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