'Teachers for Palestine' slammed over push to cancel Anzac Day

Activist group launches an attack on Anzac Day, claiming troops were part of a 'colonial war' as it aims to re-write history.

'Teachers for Palestine' slammed over push to cancel Anzac Day
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A pro-Palestine teachers group has been called out over its condemnation of the Anzac legacy, claiming it should be 'dismantled' due to its association with past 'atrocities,' including a 'massacre' by Australian troops in World War One, which they linked to present-day conflicts in Gaza.

Secondary schoolteacher Lucy Honan spoke to media of essentially re-educating students about Australia's historical involvement in the Middle East, which she described as a legacy that should not be glorified but instead dismantled.

The 'Teachers for Palestine' group has even produced 'educational' material aimed at reshaping the Anzac legacy and promoting a wildly controversial view on Australia's military actions. Primary schoolteacher Bill Abrahams highlighted the need for 'unbiased teaching resources.'

However, in a fiery exchange on 3AW Radio, host Tom Elliot clashed with Pippa Tandy, a spokesperson for 'Teachers for Palestine' and a Victorian secondary school teacher, over the group's extreme take on Anzac Day.

The activist group has sparked controversy by announcing, "We won't be glorifying Australia's military history this Anzac Day."

Elliot opened the discussion by highlighting the significance of Anzac Day, stating it surpasses other national days in importance. However, Tandy challenged the importance of Anzac Day, claiming that it overlooks the darker aspects of Australia's involvement in wars.

Tandy claimed that Anzac troops were part of a 'colonial war' that resulted in harm to indigenous populations. Elliot countered, defending the broader cause for which the Anzacs fought, framing it as a noble sacrifice for the greater good.

As the debate intensified, Elliot accused Tandy of sounding like a conspiracy theorist. Tandy reiterated the group's stance, asserting that Anzac Day is being used for ideological purposes, effectively calling for a re-writing of history.

Despite the majority of Australians support Anzac Day, Tandy maintained that there is growing discontent among teachers who feel compelled to promote what they allege is a biased narrative.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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