Natalie Klein says WE WON'T ASK for COVID vaccine passports at Bladez 2 Fadez barbershop

Natalie is the first small business owner in Canada to display her We Won't Ask sticker in her window to signal to the world that all are welcome in her barber chair.

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Natalie Klein is saying “We Won't Ask” your vaccine status, and she's not afraid to let the world know, by displaying our new civil liberties awareness stickers on her door.

The owner of Bladez 2 Fadez barbershop in central Alberta, and the niece of former premier Ralph Klein, has been a leader in the resistance to the COVID lockdowns in Alberta. She is no stranger to controversy either.

She re-opened her barbershop against restrictions that closed personal care businesses, and faced two fines as a result.

But Rebel News, in partnership with the registered Canadian charity the Democracy Fund, and through the civil liberties project, teamed her up with top civil litigator Chad Williamson from Williamson Law to get her tickets withdrawn by the Crown, all at no cost to her. The police have now recharged her with those fines, and Natalie and Chad are suing for abuse of process.

Now Natalie is saying no to COVID vaccine passports. She wants to do business, mind her own business, and give great haircuts to anyone who wants one, regardless of sexual orientation, religion or medical status.

That's why Natalie is the first small business owner in the country to display her sticker in her window to signal to the world that all are welcome in Natalie's barber chair.

If you'd like one of these fun stickers and are a business owner that will not violate the privacy of your customers, please tell us your story and consider making a donation to offset our costs at

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