Alberta NDP Education Minister revokes funding from Christian schools. Guess why?

Alberta's NDP Education Minister David Eggen has issued a Ministerial Order to revoke student funding that goes to children at Christian Schools. 

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Although this is an unprecedented move in Alberta, it follows a pattern of disrespecting school choice, and the autonomy of school authorities.

We have learned today that this Ministerial Order from David Eggen is targeting almost exclusively Christian schools, with the exception of the Muslim Association of Canada. In their publicly released list of schools, they lumped three Muslim charter schools in Alberta under the Muslim Association of Canada, presumably because the Ministers only concern is the Christian Schools in Alberta.

Not only is he threatening to withhold the funding from 28 school authorities, sidelining the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which guarantees religious freedoms for all, but he has also now confirmed that a pre-written letter must be sent to each parent from the respective school authorities.

I doubt Eggen watches The Rebel, but I want to outline his own policy to him. In it, bullying is defined as repeated, hostile, or demeaning behavior in a school community, including anything that causes reputational harm. I think forcing school authorities to send out a demeaning letter on your own behalf might fall under that category.

This isn’t the first thing Minister Eggen has bungled. Forty per cent of Grade 9 students have failed under Eggen’s watch, and that’s with a passing grade set at 42 per cent!

We are losing a generation of students to the NDP, and it is time that we Fire Minister Eggen. Please go to to contribute to the billboard we are putting up on Alberta’s Queen Elizabeth Highway.

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