NDP protesters who stormed Danielle Smith’s press conference treated ‘with kid gloves’: Sheila

Ezra Levant, Adam Soos and Sheila Gunn Reid discussed the absurdity of the police on site letting the three middle-aged men go directly after having to tackle them, with one of the men wrestling an officer.

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On last Friday’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra welcomed Rebels Adam Soos and Sheila Gunn Reid onto the show to discuss NDP activists raiding Premier Danielle Smith's press conference last Thursday.

The incident was covered by reporter Adam Soos, who was able to provide his perspective on it. 

After slowing down a video of the event, the three of them discussed the absurdity of the police on site letting the three middle-aged men go directly after having to tackle them, with one of the men wrestling the officer.

“Ok, they grab him, he obviously is willing to wrestle a cop and they just let him go stand by these ladies who are sort of, I guess shell shocked. What I can tell you though is if you toss a little bit of gravel in the general direction of the Prime Minister, you're gonna be flattened like a pancake and taken away in handcuffs. And these guys were treated with kid gloves,” said Sheila. 

“What would have happened had three burly men stormed an event with, Chrystia Freeland or Catherine McKenna, the former environment minister?” questioned Ezra.

“We don't have to wonder,” replied Sheila. “That guy in Grand Prairie yelled at Chris Freeland and they investigated him for a hate crime.”

Ezra described what he found most absurd about the situation.

Point one is that these were not random people. These were senior NDP activists. Point two, this is how they're deployed to Danielle Smith's events. But you even go in as a polite reporter as Sheila and Adam were saying, and you don't, you’re not allowed to ask questions at all as a polite reporter. Point three, the media coverage…I have not actually watched it yet but I understand which of the media says it's a minor drama. Horn honking. We'll throw the country under martial law because someone honked their horn meanly in a mean way and you can tell… ‘Why do you get over yourselves, you guys, what kind of a country do we have if you're not allowed to storm an event and, and drive the premier herself off the podium? What kind of country do we live in if we're not allowed to do that?’ says the Toronto Star that called for the lockdown of 40 million of us because of some truckers honking.

Sheila also talked about the CBC’s coverage of the storming: 

They said the NDP condemned the protests, but they didn't say that the NDP inspired it and tweeted out exactly the location so that not only protesters would go there, which I think they are, but were already organized by the NDP if I had to speculate. But they were hoping that other ones would go too because the NDP tweeted out the location of this event and CBC also refused to disclose that.

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