WATCH: Neil Mitchell hosts candid interview with Avi Yemini

3AW Radio host delves beyond the typical mainstream media portrayal of the Rebel News reporter in his latest podcast episode.

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Seasoned journalist Neil Mitchell broke media convention by engaging in an extended and open conversation with Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini on the latest episode of his podcast.

Unlike his mainstream media colleagues, who often shy away from presenting the full picture, Neil gave listeners a chance to know the person behind the public persona, the story that makes Avi more than just an inflammatory figure.

During the interview, he labels Avi a self-described attention-seeker, former drug addict, and Israeli army combat soldier. Yet, he was also open to admitting that he finds Avi's outspokenness and ability to identify hypocrisy as refreshing. 

The extended conversation allowed Avi to share his unfiltered views on the mainstream media, his frustrations with being painted in a certain light, and his perspectives on integrity in journalism.

Avi praised the veteran journalist's willingness to engage in unedited discourse, highlighting how rare such opportunities have become.

"I think you have integrity. You're willing to talk to both sides. The fact that we're doing this interview now, uncut, proves the point," he noted.

Avi discussed the issues he has faced with other media outlets, revealing the reluctance of some to even provide him with a platform while at the same time engaging in clickbait attacks on his character.

While although acknowledging his disagreements with Avi, Neil exhibited the courage to offer a platform for open debate.

"Now, I don't mind giving somebody a platform, provided it's an honest one and provided there's a debate. And I probably will disagree. But what worries me, what's happened that the world says you can't talk to that bloke," he expressed.

The exchange between the pair covered a wide range of topics, including Avi's history as a troubled teenager involved in crime and drugs, his experiences with character assassination by the media, and his desire to bring integrity back to journalism.

Avi also recounted some of his controversial decisions to interview figures considered extremist by many, arguing that challenging ideas is preferable to pushing them underground.

He called for a return to the older form of journalism where facts were sought first and opinions were secondary.

The bold and nuanced interview stands as a stark contrast to the often divisive and truncated presentations of figures in mainstream media.

The longform discussion provides a deeper understanding of what makes Avi who he is, as described in his book A Rebel From The Start, defying the typical media hit pieces that only serve to polarise.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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  • By Avi Yemini

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