New Greens Cannabis push to 'improve social justice'

The Australian Greens party propose a new revenue stream through the legalization of cannabis, estimating over $28 billion in government income in the first decade and the potential to increase social welfare benefits or build public housing.

New Greens Cannabis push to 'improve social justice'
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The Australian Green Party has released a report detailing the potential benefits of legalizing cannabis in the country.

The study, conducted by the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO), outlines the potential financial and social benefits of a regulated cannabis market.

According to the report, legalizing cannabis could generate more than $28 billion in government revenue over the first decade, which could be used to increase social security benefits or build public housing.

Under the Green Party's plan, individuals would be allowed to grow up to six plants at home and the commercial production and sale of recreational cannabis would be tightly regulated by a new agency, the Cannabis Australia National Agency (CANA).

Sales of recreational cannabis would be taxed, with the revenue generated used to fund social and economic initiatives.

Senator David Shoebridge, the party's justice spokesman, says that legalizing cannabis would reduce harm by keeping people out of the criminal justice system.

He also says that it would take billions away from organized crime and the police and give it to the community for use in schools, hospitals, housing and social support. The senator also believes that legalizing cannabis could make Australia an international tourist destination for cannabis consumers, with up to 10% of sales coming from tourists.

The Green Party believes that legalizing cannabis could be done through the Commonwealth's power to regulate plant variety rights under section 51 of the constitution. The commercial cultivation of cannabis plants would start in July 2023, with sales expected to commence in 2024-25. The Australian Federal Police would retain resources to combat the black market and related crimes after legalization, though most enforcement resources are currently at the state level.

The report highlights the significant potential for revenue generation and improved social justice that legalizing cannabis could bring to Australia. Senator Shoebridge says that it is time for the country to "properly regulate the market, provide consistent health and safety advice, and make the product safer."

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  • By Avi Yemini

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