New Zealand may undo some of its rushed gun-control legislation

The country rushed to modify its gun laws in the wake of the 2019 Christchurch mosque shooting, only now to revisit those changes little more than four years later.

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Gun control laws in New Zealand took just six days to write in the wake of the 2019 Christchurch mosque shootings, which left 51 people dead. The ensuing efforts resulted in 56,000 firearms being turned over to the state for destruction.

At the time, gun control advocates in Canada saw possibilities for the same sort of sweeping confiscations here.

However, four years later, that legislation is being rewritten, as gun control measures are proposed to be rolled back in the totalitarian state of New Zealand, and it's being largely unreported in the Canadian mainstream media.

New Zealand now has a right-of-centre coalition government, making Prime Minister Christopher Luxon's hold on power vulnerable. He will need to play ball with his coalition partners, including NZ First leader Winston Peters and ACT party leader David Seymour, who campaigned on amending the gun laws.

According to Radio New Zealand:

Semi-automatics could make a return to gun ranges with New Zealand's firearms laws in for a major shake-up this term.

National and ACT agreed to rewrite the Arms Act - in place since the early 1980s - as part of its coalition arrangement.

Everything is on the table, including changing the existing licensing regime and re-introducing the military-style weapons used in the 15 March terror attacks.

"It means starting from scratch," Associate Justice Minister Nicole McKee told RNZ.

"There's nothing set in stone as we advance this process. The reason why the 1983 Act lasted so long is because there was genuine and good consultation."

The Arms Act 1983 has been home to New Zealand's gun laws for the past four decades and has had many iterations.

McKee said she wanted to change the current licensing system to a graduated system to "enhance public safety".

"Ensuring licensed firearms owners are fit and proper through a graduated system of licensing where people earn trust over time, and a licensing agency carrying out a range of checks, is the sensible way of ensuring public safety."

Also, on the table is allowing competitive shooters to use semi-automatics for sport. The only current exemptions are pest control and (disabled) collector's items.

Between the carjackings, and bad advice for the carjackings, coupled with a revolving door justice system (which lets carjackers out on no-cash bail), it's never been more dangerous to be a Canadian.

Will the Liberals finally learn that wasting police resources on duck hunters and sports shooters won't fix the gang and drug problem fuelling the gun violence in Canada's big cities?

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