No, one Alberta man DID NOT end the lockdown and mask mandate

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A viral video has been circulating online where it is alleged an Alberta man single-handedly ended the province's lockdown and mask mandates because public health could not provide proof that COVID-19 existed.

In a classic case of something sounding too good to be true, the actual story is more complicated than a headline suggests.

On today's Rebel News DAILY Livestream, hosts David Menzies and Sheila Gunn Reid took a look at this interview, involving an appearance by Patrick King on the Stew Peters Show.

Explaining how this wasn't the silver bullet that ended Alberta's lockdowns, Sheila Gunn Reid said:

No disrespect intended, but I want to first point out the timeline of all of this here... Now if you know the masking and basically the end of our lockdown [in Alberta] was July first. This court case transpired roughly on July 19, so that Stew Peters would attribute [ending the mandates] to Pat King, I don't think is accurate or fair and Pat King's court case didn't do any of that. 

But I actually took the time to read the transcript of what went down in court that day and I also read the originating documents from Alberta Health Services about what went down.

Now, in that video, Pat King says that AHS has no material evidence that COVID-19 exists. It says the chief medical officer has no material evidence and in the video he presents this as, and I don't know if this is intentional or otherwise, that means there is no evidence that COVID-19 exists.

Now, that's not the case. It may be the case, it may not be the case. But that's not what that statement means. Material, in legal jargon, means relevant evidence.

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