“No records exist”: Liberals' climate emergency declared without any research

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An access to information return fails to show that the Liberals examined any official data before their climate emergency declaration.

Nor did the Liberals produce a single solitary record of information of communications.

Last spring both the federal Liberals and the NDP introduced competing motions to declare a state of climate emergency in Canada. The Liberal motion passed the House of Commons in June.

We found an access to information result in the Federal Government database of previously released ATIPs showing the Liberals declared a climate emergency without doing any specific studies to accumulate data or without gathering any evidence to support the need for an actual emergency:

“Informal Request for Access to Information Records Previously Released

Organization: Environment and Climate Change Canada

Year: 2019

Month: November

Request Number: A-2019-01434

Request Summary: Records regarding a motion to declare a national climate emergency April to June 2019

Disposition: No records exist

Number of Pages: 0

I think it’s impossible there are no records with regard to the motion to declare a climate emergency. Wording had to be proposed and drafted. Then the motion had to be tweeted about by the Minister of Environment and Climate Change. These things just don’t happen without an enormous paper trail.

But I do believe the self declared party of science didn’t bother to attach the science to their so-called scientific emergency. But that's because the rhetoric around climate change is political, and not scientific.

The Declaration was a political decision. It’s only an emergency insofar as it is like a war measures act meant to be the reason to tax us all.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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