Notley's NDP hid a staffer prostitution scandal to better their election chances

Sources report that Benjamin Alldritt was placed on leave after his charge but later resumed his duties in an increased role following the resolution of the case. He was quoted in various media outlets as an NDP caucus spokesperson in April 2021 and assumed the role of Director of Communications the following year, marking a promotion.

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NDP communications staffer Benjamin Alldritt was charged with communication for the purposes of soliciting sex in December 2018. The charge quietly went away in an "alternative measures" deal in May 2019, just one month after the April 2019 general election, which Jason Kenney's UCP won in a landslide.

Rebel News has contacted the NDP and Alldritt for comments and clarification, but neither responded before the story, broken by Alex Dhaliwal and which included court documents, went live. Rebel News offered an 18-hour deadline for reply.

At the time of the arrest, Alldritt worked as Associate Chief of Staff to then-Health Minister Sarah Hoffman. Prior to that, his tenure with the Alberta NDP included stints as Special Advisor to then-Premier Rachel Notley and then-Infrastructure Minister Sandra Jansen, both avowed feminists.

According to sources, Alldritt was placed on leave after his charge but returned in an increased role sometime after the resolution of the charge. He was quoted in multiple media as an NDP caucus spokesperson in April 2021 and Director of Communications the following year - a promotion.

Alldritt has since worked “freelance” in “communications and organization,” according to his LinkedIn profile.

Alldritt makes his social justice feminist ideology evident in his bio on X, formerly Twitter, offering his preferred pronouns, calling himself a parent of a child rather than the father of a son or daughter and a spouse rather than a husband.

The NDP was able to hide these revelations through two election cycles while accusing the UCP of anti-woman rhetoric.

But the call was coming from inside the house.

NDP promoted and then covered for a man charged with exploiting a vulnerable woman, commodifying a woman's body for the purposes of his own pleasure.

Alldritt posted about his political adversaries not caring about racialized women, while women engaged in the sex trade are largely racialized.

And in turn, the NDP alienated women in their own caucus, according to Rebel News's sources.

Will the mainstream media cover this scandal? Or will they stick to the mantra of "if it's not a Tory, it's not a story"?

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