BREAKING: Anti-lockdown mum TORN AWAY from toddler arrives in Supreme Court

With your support, anti-lockdown pioneers finally get their day in the state's Supreme Court.

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A woman who had her child ripped from her arms on the streets of Sydney while protesting harsh pandemic lockdown rules will finally have her day in the NSW Supreme Court today.

Renee Altakrity, will have her case heard by the court along with Victor Tey, another Australian pioneer of the pushback against over-zealous policing during COVID-19 restrictions, over the next two days, represented by Paul Menzies KC.

Victor, a Christian community leader, was fined and arrested for exercising his rights during a lockdown, while Renee had her child taken away from her as she was dragged into the back of a police van for simply carrying a sign objecting to COVID-19 restrictions.

Video captured at the scene showed Renee's terrified four-year-old screaming as police ripped him away from his mom, who tried her best to hold on to him.

The shocking images went viral on social media where Australia's harsh response to the pandemic caused concern.

"The right to protest is something which is reserved for all Australians whether you are on the far left or far right of politics, as long as you're legally protesting, you should have a right in this country to go out and express your thinking," solicitor C Shamsabad said.

"That's something that is fundamental to who we are as a country and that's essentially what the purpose of this case is to preserve."

Victor expressed his gratitude to Rebel News supporters for contributing to the case. "I'm so pumped about this supreme court challenge because now our case is going to be the one that actually goes to the supreme court and is going to fight for our right to freedom of political expression," he said.

Renee also expressed her concerns about police brutality and the traumatic memory of the incident, but stated that she is a strong girl who will overcome anything, as will her son and her family.

The cases represent a major milestone in the fight for justice and the right to protest, which is fundamental to Australian values.

A personal note from Avi:

This is the worst video I’ve ever made.

Not that it is poorly done. It’s that it broke my heart to make it. And I’m sorry, it will break your heart, too.

But you have to watch it, because you have to know what’s going on in our country. What happened to a young mother named Renee Altakrity, and her four-year-old boy, Isaac.

Watch this video. But don’t despair. Because we’re fighting back. Today’s the day we’re going to help them.

For three years they’ve waited for justice, waited for the police to respect their free speech and the freedom to peacefully criticize the government. Today they’re in the Supreme Court to ask for their rights back.

What’s so outrageous is that the government is still fighting them. You’d think ripping a child out of his mother’s arms would be more than enough. But they want to traumatize Renee all over again, by actually arguing that they had every right to abuse Renee and her son — after all, they claim, the pandemic gave police a free pass to do pretty much anything they want.

This isn’t the Australia I know and love.

Which is why I’m asking you to help me help Renee, her son Isaac, and Victor Tey.

Help us crowdfund their legal fees to fight the battle today in the Supreme Court.

 With you support, both are committed to stand up against police brutality and over-zealous policing, setting a precedent that will help thousands of others who may find themselves in similar situations. Donate by using the form on this page or visit Fight The Fines, we're making a difference. 

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