Ontario care facility with deadly COVID-19 outbreak keeps rejecting PPE donations

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Meet James Bradbury.

He’s a Haldimand County man who decided to get personally involved in trying to fight the Wuhan virus in his community. He’s made fabric masks and gowns and thanks to a 3D printer, he’s even made plastic face shields.

Then he started distributing his Personal Protection Equipment products — for free! Or at least, he tried to...

You see, Bradbury was stunned to get the cold shoulder from certain institutions— including Anson Place Care Centre in Hagersville. After all, there is a PPE shortage in Canada — largely because the Justin Trudeau Liberals decided to ship tonnes of Canadian-stored PPE back to China... you know, the very source of this global pandemic!

And you would think Anson Place would need all the help it can get. So far, 27 seniors have died there and 22 staff are off work after testing positive for the Wuhan virus. So what gives?

Check out a story that raises more questions than it provides answers.

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