Ontario gives interest-free loans to physicians while small business suffers

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Once again, there is continued talks of Ontario Government imposed shut-downs due to the constant pushing of coronavirus “cases.”

If you’re a physician it’s okay — Doug Ford's Progressive Conservative government will give you interest free loans and a reduced pay back schedule to ensure your practice survives.

But small and medium sized businesses? They may qualify for a subsidy if they can prove it, but they also face increasing restrictions. Even if they abide by all of the rules and bankrupt themselves trying to keep up with costs of following COVID-19 protocols, we may just shut them down again for the sake of health and safety.

Ford’s press announcements continually note his hardship and feelings of misfortune but like so many pandemic decision makers, his salary has been unaffected by locks downs or pandemic hysteria.

It’s the businesses, not him and his steady salary, bearing the actual weight of bankruptcy and lost revenue.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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