Oregon elementary school teachers claim eye-rolling is White supremacy

'As BIPOC educators we have observed, experienced, and witnessed similar micro and macro aggressions.'

Oregon elementary school teachers claim eye-rolling is White supremacy
Erroll Hassell Elementary School/Facebook
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Teachers at Errol Hassell Elementary School in Oregon have complained to school district administrators over the use of eye-rolling, claiming that the action directed at a principal was a “harmful practice rooted in White supremacy.” 

The email, which was sent on May 27, suggests that the teachers became aware of a “rumor” that school Principal Cynthia Lam Moffett was about to lose her job. 

“We believe that much of the resistance to Principal Moffett’s work… is a result of bias and targeted aggression,” said the teachers. “As BIPOC educators we have observed, experienced, and witnessed similar micro and macro aggressions.” 

In the email that was reported on by Fox News, teachers outlined a massive list of “micro and macro aggressions,” with concerns about how school staff responded to the principal. 

“Staff members rolled their eyes during… meetings while Principal Moffett is speaking,” said the concerned teachers, who complained how some staff members raised their voice and interrupted principal Moffett during meetings and “spoke in a disrespectful and aggressive manner.” 

The list mentioned “aggressive” emails and actions alleged to have been perpetrated by school staffers, including supposed “behaviors,” over the school radio “toward BIPOC staff.” 

The teachers claim that one staff member even hurled racial slurs at the principal and that “white staff called the group of BIPOC staff a ‘gang’”.

The list continues: 

  • “Some of the White staff members undermine the chain of command and go over BIPOC leaders and communicate directly to Patrick about issues that can be solved and are solved in-house”
  • “Principal Moffett is held responsible for… solving situations of racism in which she is a victim”
  • “Staff members protesting book club focused on dismantling… racial oppression”
  • “BIPOC feels uncomfortable in our building to the point that some of use are experiencing extreme anxiety because we feel unsafe… at our worksite.”
  • “Our emotion and physical well-being has been impacted not only by these actions but also by the lack of response and support from district leadership.”
  • “BIPOC staff is being called divisive for bringing up these issues and asking for support”

The email, which was published by Fox News details how teachers are now asking why they are being labelled “divisive” when they are simply trying to dismantle “harmful practices rooted in white supremacy.” 

Teachers are calling on school district administrators not to terminate Principal Moffett and are calling for an investigation to be opened into the “biased and racial aggressions” of staff members who are “undermining” Moffett’s authority.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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