Ottawa has its national security policies backwards, says public policy expert Marco Navarro-Génie

Russia has already set their eyes to our Arctic territory and China continues to aggressively increase its global influence wherever it can sense weakness. There is no denying that under Trudeau, Canada looks weak.

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Marco Navarro-Génie has taught as a professor of political science and brings extensive experience in the field of public policy, having served at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy as vice-president and the Atlantic Institute for Market Research as president. 

He is the founding president of the Haultain Research Institute, and recently published a release decrying Ottawa’s backwards priorities when it come to Canada’s national security. Rebel News joined him to learn more.

The Liberal government has failed to uphold our national security on several fronts, and as Navarro-Génie rightfully points out, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s willingness to advertise quite publicly that we are not meeting our NATO defence spending targets marks us as prime candidate for predatory countries.

Russia has already set their eyes to our Arctic territory and China continues to aggressively increase its global influence wherever it can sense weakness. There is no denying that under Trudeau, Canada looks weak.

Navarro-Génie highlights that Chinese police stations have been operating unfettered on Canadian soil, Chinese interference in the 2019 election was seemingly being obfuscated by our own government, and questionable donations from British Columbia were inexplicably pouring into Trudeau’s Montreal riding in 2015/2016, all while the Trudeau Foundation received massive donations from Chinese Communist Party-linked sources.

And they seemingly hoped that no one would notice.

All this came to a head during the failed attempt at self-exoneration that was the hiring of a Trudeau Foundation board member and long-time friend of the Trudeau family, former Governor General David Johnston.

Despite this unwillingness to act when it comes to defending ourselves against tangible foreign threats, namely widespread Chinese political interference, Trudeau has been anything but shy about treating Canadians, even peaceful ones, as threats to national security and targeting them with a fervour completely unknown to Chinese foreign agents.

He seemed all too quick to declare a state of emergency when peaceful truckers were protesting draconian and unconstitutional vaccine mandates, going so far as to shoot reporters with tear gas cannistersarrest organizers, and freeze people’s bank accounts if they dared to chip in a few bucks in a show of support.

With all the state-funded media zeroed in on the supposedly evil and intolerable fringe minority of vaccine mandate protesters, many of the legitimate threats to our nation’s security, including Chinese meddling at the Wuhan-connected National Microbiology Lab and the virtually undeniable Chinese interference in our democratic processes went underreported and ultimately unresolved, with many secrets being smothered under the questionable pretence of national security.

While describing the the targeting of one's own citizens and the apparent collaboration with foreign interests as backwards may be accurate, it certainly seems a bit of an understatement. How best to describe what we are seeing then?

Fortunately, there is already a term for instances when government officials cooperate in threats to our nation’s security and sovereignty. As Navarro-Génie discussed, many have begun to use that charged term to describe the Trudeau government's alleged involvement with Chinese interference and activities on Canadian soil. That term is treason. While this language may seem shocking to some, if even a portion of what is being alleged turns out to be true, it may very well be fitting.

When very real national security threats go ignored, and peaceful Canadians are being demonized and treated as threats to the nation, we should be very concerned. This is the type of thing you see under an unstable military regime, not a modern democracy.

Governments are supposed to work for the people who elect them. Ottawa, it seems, is instead working for their own interests and seemingly in the interests of foreign powers like China.

Whether this is a result of ineptitude, corruption, or both, it is not sustainable. Eventually, whether it be a foreign power like China exerting too much influence, or our own government crossing a line and going after its own people — which many would argue already happened during COVID-19 — these situations tend to come to a head, often with destructive results.

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