Over 4,000 miscarriages reported to VAERS after COVID injection

Scientist expresses grave concerns over post-COVID injection disruptions to women’s reproductive health. 

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It is becoming increasingly less taboo to discuss the post-COVID injection issues that women have been anecdotally sharing since the COVID biologics program rolled out in December 2020.

The previously disregarded claims appear to be increasingly backed by scientific evidence and study. As evidenced by The Testimonies Project, this phenomenon affects women post-injection regardless of race, age or geographic location.

In this interview, we discuss this trend with Dr. Jessica Rose who is an applied mathematician, immunologist, computational and molecular biologist and biochemist. Rose previously joined me to discuss the dissections that she was, and continues to do on the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) data.

Rose notes certain adverse events reports in the VAERS database have become so great that they are too computationally heavy to analyze.

Within the VAERS database, according to Roses' count, to date there have been 4,474 reports of spontaneous abortions (i.e. miscarriages) submitted post COVID injection. Rose speculates that there is an underreporting factor of approximately 31, so multiplying those reported events by 31 is likely to be a more true representation of the adverse events profile.

We reference Roses’ post from December 2021 that scrutinizes Pfizer’s own safety data documents. In it, Rose found that of the 274 pregnant women enrolled in the study, 68% resulted in miscarriage, which confirms the concerns expressed by this publication in the New England Journal of Medicine from June 2021.

Rose reiterates that “we’re talking about half of our population… about the health and fertility of our species. You’d think that if there were even an iota of concern that the Precautionary Principle would be thrown into the mix and we would stop pushing this on people, especially pregnant women.”

Giving kudos to viral immunologist Dr. Byram Bridle for conducting analysis from Pfizer’s pre-clinical biodistrubtion study, it proves that these injections circulate throughout the body and, of greater concern, accumulate in certain organs. Namely, the ovaries and more broadly, the liver, spleen, adrenals, etc.

Wanting to end this massive experiment, Rose is concerned that “what we’re doing could very well be detrimental to the fertility of women. I hope not. But it could very well be and… it’s concerning to say the least.”

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  • By Tamara Ugolini

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