Over half of Canadians want Trudeau to 'step down' as Liberal leader: survey

More than double (56%) of the Abacus Data poll respondents say Prime Minister Justin Trudeau 'should step down' than said he should stay (27%).

Over half of Canadians want Trudeau to 'step down' as Liberal leader: survey
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A July poll revealed Justin Trudeau is the worst prime minister in a half-century. One month later, Canadians remained ardent that he "step down" as Liberal leader.

More than double (56%) of the Abacus Data poll respondents said Trudeau "should step down" than said he should stay (27%). Less than one in five (17%) remained unsure.

Among Liberal votes in 2021, 28% think Trudeau should step down. However, over half (52%) continue to rally for him as prime minister.

According to the same poll, 38% of Canadians would vote for the Conservative Party and only a quarter (26%) for the Liberals — the lowest level of support since 2015.

In July, Canadians became increasingly incensed by Trudeau's frivolous spending and tax hikes, earning him the title of "worst prime minister."

Thirty percent said he is the worst among Canada's recent leaders, followed by his predecessor, Stephen Harper, at 18%.

An Ipsos poll conducted for the Montreal Economic Institute (MEI) said two in three Canadians believe they pay too much income tax, with fewer than one in four thinking the feds are fiscally prudent.

According to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF), Canadians faced "significant tax changes" this year. The New Year's Tax Changes report outlined higher CPP and E.I. premiums by hundreds of dollars, $445 more in carbon taxes — including a second carbon tax — and a 6.3% tax increase on alcohol. 

As first reported by Blacklock's Reporter, another hike to E.I. premium rates is expected by month's end.

"Premium rates [will] continue to increase in 2024 to reach a break-even rate that will pay down the costs of the current cumulative deficit in the Employment Insurance Operating Account," said a Briefing Binder for the deputy minister. "Costs stemming from Covid-19 temporary measures total approximately $23.2 billion."

Premiums last September 24 rose from $1.58 per hundred dollars of insurable earnings to $1.63. A previous Employment Insurance Actuarial Report estimated premiums must reach $1.74 to break even.

Other findings from the poll include that two in three Canadians recognize that increased government worsens the impact of inflation.

The federal government spent an unprecedented $309 billion on COVID pandemic relief, putting the fiscal future of Canada at risk, according to the C.D. Howe Institute. This estimate falls short of the $359.7 billion reported by the Fraser Institute.

The COVID pandemic expenditures partly increased federal spending by 73% to $644.2 billion in 2020/21 and an estimated $508 billion in 2021/22, with much of the expenditure independent of the pandemic and "representing a permanent long-term ramping up of federal spending."

Inflation fluttered at over 8% when the feds spent money taxpayers never had — leaving the country's finances in shambles. 

In 2021, the federal debt surpassed the $1 trillion mark. 

In 2023, the average Canadian family of two or more people will pay $64,610 in total taxes, representing 46.1% of their annual gross income ($140,106). Last year, the average family paid 45.2% of its income to the government.

"If Canadians paid all their taxes up front, they would work the first 169 days of this year before bringing any money home for themselves and their families," said Jake Fuss, associate director of fiscal studies at the Fraser Institute.

As of June 19, every dollar Canadians earn from this point represents a dollar not pocketed by grubby government bureaucrats.

With Trudeau's support among the 2,189 respondents in free fall, some have looked elsewhere, warming up to the prospects of Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre as prime minister.

Over a third (34%) perceive Poilievre positively — 4% higher than earlier in August.

"I worry about the increased radicalization of rhetoric by Liberals, particularly Justin Trudeau," Poilievre told a reporter on Monday. He vehemently denounced "the nastiness and meanness they're directing at people who disagree with their policies."

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  • By Tamara Ugolini

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