Part 1: The other side of the COVID-19 story with Dr. Roger Hodkinson

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If you are a loyal Rebel News consumer, I love ya, but I gotta tell ya, this report is not for you.

After 18 months of bureaucrats and unelected Public Health Lords withholding normalcy from citizens while they continue to fail at stopping a virus that doesn’t want to be stopped, it’s beyond reasonable to start questioning what the heck is really going on here.

That’s one of the reasons I decided to sit down and do a short series of interviews with one of Canada’s brilliant medical voices, to answer some of the basic questions that people who may feel they haven’t been getting the other side of the story regarding COVID-19 may have.

Dr. Roger Hodkinson was one of the first medical experts in Canada to raise concerns publicly about the politicization of COVID-19, as well as the hysteria that has been caused by constantly reporting on case counts, determined by PCR tests that were never designed to conclude if someone is infected with a virus.

Hodkinson is one of Canada’s leading pathologists, as well as the CEO and Medical Director of Western Medical Assessments. He is no stranger to going against the grain if he believes it can save lives, as he was one of the very few doctors in Canada to raise the alarm about the harms of tobacco use prior to this being widely accepted in the medical field.

Watch this full interview to see what Dr. Hodkinson has to say in part one of this series on the other side of COVID-19. And be sure to share this report with that person in your life who is starting to wonder if there is a bit more to the seemingly never-ending government overreach than virus control.

Did you know that many of our frontline doctors and nurses would like to speak out, like Dr. Hodkinson, but are afraid to do so, due to intimidating threats that have been made against people in their professions by their own licensing bodies? If such suppression of medical opinions concerns you, please sign and share our petition at

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  • By Drea Humphrey

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