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Pastor Peter handed (invalid?) court injunction at protest

Pastor Peter handed (invalid?) court injunction at protest
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On Sunday, May 24, Rebel News reporter Kian Simone was in Calgary to film an Abolish/Defund The Police rally, where he ran into Pastor Peter Reicher.

Peter has recently taken over Artur Pawlowski's pastoral duties at the Street Church, and he was downtown to feed the homeless when he was served paperwork that referenced an out-of-date May 6 court order.

The order handed to Pastor Peter, which included the names of Whistle Stop Cafe owner Chris Scott, Glen Carritt and unnamed Jane and John Does, was issued to limit attendance at “illegal public gatherings.”

But lawyers with the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms had that order amended last week!

Here's what Pastor Peter told Kian about the order he received:

I came down to the streets, to Street Church, today to volunteer my services to feed the homeless, help minister, help bring a prayer, bring a word of encouragement to anyone who needed it — and they served me!

They served me with this order that was for the Whistle Stop... Chris Scott, Glen Carritt and and the famous Jane and John Doe.

So this was an order that was put May 6, it was amended May 13, and then here we have another date — [May 18], in which the police officer just notified me that Jane and John Doe are back on the list.

To follow along with updates on Pastor Artur and to help us cover his legal fees as he fights back against a contempt of court order for refusing to halt his church's ministry, visit

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