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Antifa holds “illegal gathering” — Calgary police don't mind

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On Sunday, May 24, I went undercover at an Abolish/Defund The Police rally in downtown Calgary. My objective was to document how the police treated them, given the protest theme, but also to find any similarities or inconsistencies to how other “illegal” gatherings are treated (like places of worship or anti-lockdown protests).

The abolition rally was organized by none other than Taylor McNallie, a well known radical here in Alberta. You may have seen her counter protesting Pastor Artur Pawlowski's Street Church last month, organizing her Antifa faction “Mohkansists.” Or perhaps you know her from her bubble bath show, where her and others eat different food in bubble baths at a non-masked, non-clothed gathering!

As soon as I arrived, I was picked out by the protesters and asked to relocate until I could prove I was there for the right reasons. I respected their request and stayed back until the march began. I was now one of them. Our abolition march had a police escort to keep us safe from traffic as we walked from Poppy Plaza over the Peace Bridge.

I listened to their stories and their reasonings, and even got an interview with a friend of Pastor Artur Pawlowski's neighbour! They wrapped up and said they were bringing their party to city hall.

Little did I know they were combining their demonstration with the pro-Palestine protest that was happening at the same time. The police presence at city hall was massive. However, when I was confronted by “security,” threatened and accused of being with “white supremacist media” (while I was in the middle of changing my camera battery), they did nothing.

There was minimal mask usage, zero social distancing and guess what? NO TICKETS!

I have to hand it to the cops for protecting the lone Israeli who went to practice his fundamental rights.

Here is the kicker of it all: Pastor Peter Reicher, who had taken over the duties of Pastor Artur Pawlowski, was finishing up at the Street Church. While he was doing that, he was served with paperwork referring to the May 6 court order which applied to all Jane and John Does — that is, the public as a whole — and made organizing and attending public gatherings illegal.

One final detail to add, Pastor Peter Reicher was finishing up feeding the homeless that day because the rally was beginning in the exact same spot.

Care to comment, Calgary Police Service?

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