BREAKING: Pastor Peter Reicher served by police: “Canada has become communist”

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Pastor Peter Reicher has just been served by police with Justice Rooke’s wide-sweeping injunction and must now attend a provincial court.

Peter has recently taken over pastoral duties at Artur Pawlowski's church in Calgary, Alberta.

Pastor Peter's wife Axa livestreamed the police visit this afternoon, telling the cops that “the devil has deceived you!”

“I have a recommendation for you,” Axa told another officer. “You need to go home and repent! Because what [you're doing is] criminal.”

After asking the officer if he believes in God, Axa asked: “So you get paid to persecute Christians?” “We get paid to do our job, yes,” answered the officer.

In the livestreamed video, Peter is seen signing documents, agreeing to attend a fingerprinting appointment. “God bless you”, Peter told the officers after signing, telling the gathered officers that “Canada has become communist”.

On May 24, we interviewed Pastor Peter after he was handed the same Rooke injunction while he was feeding homeless Calgarians. 

Rebel News is helping Pastor Peter through our Fight The Fines project.

To help us pay for the pastor's legal fees, please visit where you can receive a charitable donation receipt through The Democracy Fund.

This is a breaking story. More details, and the video of the incident, to come soon.

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