Peel Region’s top doc teamed up with 'Brampton Batman' to promote the COVID-19 vax to little kids

Peel Public Health tweeted out a one-minute-long video featuring Dr. Lawrence Loh actually recruiting children 5 to 11 to get vaccinated with the assistance of “Brampton Batman" and his Brampton Batmobile. But you won't find the video online anymore.

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Holy trademark infringement!

Just how desperate are Canada's "doc-tators" when it comes to getting the COVID-19 vaccine into the arms of our children? Well, how about this: they are actually using fictional characters plucked from popular culture to promote the gross theme that it is cool to get jabbed!

Case in point: recently, Ontario's Peel Region, population 1.51 million, actually employed the Cape Crusader in a one-minute long video in an effort to get kids to get the jabs.

Indeed, Peel Public Health tweeted out a whiz-bang one-minute long video featuring wannabe thespian Dr. Lawrence Loh actually recruiting children 5 to 11 to get vaccinated with the assistance of “Brampton Batman" and his Brampton Batmobile.

But you won't find the video online anymore. It's been yanked. But why?

This is what Peel Public Health in a statement:

Unfortunately, the video used to launch the campaign had started to have some negative perceptions attached to it, and it had become a distraction. So, out of an abundance of caution, we took it down.

But what does that mean? Who was responsible for those "negative perceptions”? Did the parents of Peel Region react with outrage that a comic book character had been enlisted to seduce their children to get the jab? Or did Peel Region get a cease-and-desist letter from DC Comics regarding that little thingy known as a violation of copyrights and trademarks? 

Yet, so much for transparency, because when I reached out to Peel Region, nobody would say what exactly caused the sudden cancellation of the Batman-themed jab campaign. It remains a mystery.

By the way, I also reached out to both DC Comics and its parent company, DC Entertainment, to see if they ordered Peel Region to cease and desist. Neither entity got back to me. This is odd because normally a company like DC protects its trademarks like a mother bear protects her cubs. But then again, maybe DC allowed this unauthorized use of Batman slide because, hey, this company is indeed all-in when it comes to COVID complicity and coercion.

Just visit your friendly neighborhood comic book store and there's a good chance that you will see a poster in the window depicting the members of the Justice League wearing face-diapers with the accompanying copy, "Be a hero. Wear a mask." 

Not to be outdone, around the same time Brampton Batman was debuting, the City of Toronto also enlisted a kid-friendly character  namely, Polkeroo from the TVOntario show, Polka Dot Door also with the idea of enticing young kids to get jabbed.

But if anything, recruiting Polkeroo shows just how completely out of touch Mayor John Tory is. You see, Polka Dot Door went off the air in 1993. So, I would wager most of the kids in the 5 to 11 demographic have no idea who the hell Polkeroo is because they didn't grow up watching him. Mayor Tory what other obsolete fictional character made it onto the City of Toronto propaganda shortlist? Mr. Dress Up? The Friendly Giant?

Bottom line, this odious and irresponsible trend of public health units using kid-friendly characters to make it "cool" to get the vaccine is disgusting, despicable, and quite frankly, potentially dangerous.

But the thing is the likes of Dr. Loh do recognize the benefit of going this route. Much like marketers peddling beer or Marxists promoting ideology, both camps subscribe to the same slogan: "Get 'em young, get 'em forever."

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