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Kelowna Capital News reporter Jacqueline Gelineau depicted Christians praying at a parental rights protest as bigots giving a Nazi salute. Sign our petition to hold her accountable.

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A Kelowna, B.C., man named Kevin Gowie has come to Rebel News for your help after a mainstream media news outlet refused to correct the record on an article that falsely smeared his reputation.

On September 20, Gowie joined hundreds of concerned citizens in Kelowna to participate in one of Canada’s largest parental rights movements in history, the nationwide “1 Million March 4 Children” protest.

Inflammatory reports about the nationwide rally against the sexualization of kids commonly vilified participants as far-right transphobes. One article cooked up by Kelowna Capital News reporter Jacqueline Gelineau took the smear journalism against the peaceful protesters to a whole other level.

Despite being present at the march while a Kelowna-based pastor with Harvest Ministries called for a moment of prayer, Gelineau published an article that depicted the sacred moment of Christian worship as an antisemitic Nazi salute.

Gowie was disturbed to see a photo of him with a hand raised in prayer during the protest on the front cover of Gelineau’s hit-piece article called “Kelowna residents shocked by apparent Nazi salute at anti-SOGI march.

To make matters worse, because Kelowna Capital News is owned by media giant Black Press Media, the article with Gowie’s likeness was published across several different publications.

Since the article was published, Gowie has done everything he can to have Gelineau do right by him, the Christian community, and the peaceful parental rights protesters. Rebel News has even obtained a secret recording in which Gowie confronted Gelineau to plead with her to correct the divisive misinformation — you won’t believe the reasons she and her editor Ashley Wadhwani-Smith refuse to do so.

Enough is enough! Whether it be citizens who were opposed to discriminatory vaccine mandates or sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) programs that approve sexually explicit “learning resources” in schools, the state-choice media has gotten away for too long with publishing propaganda that demonizes citizens who publicly disagree with leftist political agendas.

Help us vindicate Kevin Gowie and stop mainstream media lies by signing and sharing our petition at

In a matter of seconds you can demand that Jacqueline Gelineau retract her trash story, issue an apology to Gowie, and that Black Press Media pin those corrections on the front page of all the publications they broke the story on.

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