Picture snapped on the beach cost this Ontario man $880

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Another one of our Fight The Fines cases, Greg Dunn, was fined in summer of 2020 for the illegal act of taking a photo of a beach sunset… by his lonesome.

You see, Greg had been “beach hopping” that day — going about a leisurely motorcycle cruise by himself in the area of Bruce Peninsula, Ontario. He had visited a few beaches to take photographs of the landscape. On his last stop, in Sauble Beach, Greg was shocked to find that police were going to ticket him under COVID restrictions.

Instead of taking the “focus on education” approach that has been touted top down by elected officials, police immediately resorted to fining Greg, while boasting that they fine multiple people every day for COVID related infractions. Cops have quotas to meet, too!

The most ironic part of this story is that while police fined Greg under the guise of “safety,” holding him up for nearly 45 minutes, he was then put in the suboptimal position of having to ride his motorcycle home in the dark — something that he prefers not to do… for actual safety.

Thanks to our initiative, Greg will be fighting this fine. We’ve crowd funded legal fees and have put him in touch with a top-notch lawyer to fight these ridiculous fines. If you can, please consider donating to help our initiative at Fight The Fines.

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