Pipeline blockade diary: Behind the lines in Tyendinaga

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Rebel News once again ventured out to the rail blockade at Tyendinaga, Ontario, just east of Belleville. Our story begins late Sunday night, in which protesters were offered a sweet deal by law enforcement: namely, simply vacate the railway lands and no charges of any kind would be laid.

But at the stroke of midnight, these various “Cinder Fellas” did not leave. In fact, they doubled down on dumbness, lighting bonfires and revving the engines of their parked vehicles (um, correct us if we’re wrong, but isn’t environmental stewardship one of the reasons they're campaigning against the Coastal GasLink project?)

We would later venture into “their territory” (public land and railways illegally occupied) in the wee hours of the night to attempt to get their side of the story; that turned out to be a fool’s errand as the motley mob responded with threats of violence. (Nice PR strategy!)

But when the sun came out and law enforcement finally descended, the protesting tough guys turned into so many whiners; several were arrested; their vehicles were impounded; and so it was that this nonsensical protest ended not with a promised bang but with a pathetic whimper.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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